Denver Aesthetican School’s Fall 2013 Programs

The School of Botanical  Medical Aesthetics offers two 600-hr programs starting in the fall of 2013.

The weekend program starts on  Saturday, September 14th and the weekday Immersion starts on  Monday, October 14th.

The weekend classes are every other weekend, Saturday and Sunday, for Six months. The Immersion course includes 200-hours of classes done in 5 weeks Monday through Friday, as well as correspondence work & practicum/clinic hours.

Students can opt to take the weekday Immersion in two separate 2.5 week modules, for example, taking the Facial module for 2.5 weeks in the Fall and then the Waxing and Makeup module for 2.5 weeks in early Spring.  In between the 2.5-week modules students will start earning practicum hours and doing the correspondence work.

Additional Information

Anatomy Classes For Yoga Teachers in Denver

science-for-yogis-squareDenver Integrative Massage School is pleased to announce a new signature course called Science for Yogis.  This course is specifically designed for yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners.  Topics will include instruction in foundational anatomy and physiology, pathology, and introduction to kinesiology as it relates to teaching and practicing yoga.

As more people are drawn to yoga teaching and a yoga practice, teachers are seeing a wide range of physical abilities as well as people with a range of physical ailments and conditions.  The purpose of this class is to provide a pathological approach to teaching yoga.  Teachers will leave with a detailed understanding of causes and effects of diseases that affect a yoga practice, as well as an ability to better observe and understand the anatomy, gait, and postural issues of their yoga students.

Students will learn about all introduction aspects to Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Kinesiology. Such topics include:  medical terminology, Western and Asian signs and symptoms of disease and disharmony, basic pharmacology, all systems of the body, actions of individual muscles and types of muscle contractions, gait, posture, and assessment.

The Classes start Wed, Oct 2nd, 2013

This course starts every quarter and meets one weekday night per week, 5:30p – 9:00p, for six months.  The course is 100 hours of instruction.

The cost is $700, not including the cost of required textbooks that will help deepen your knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Enrollment is open, so don’t delay!

Facial & Body Waxing in Denver

The School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics in Denver is pleased to offer a student clinic with waxing services for men and women, including facial and body waxing. The students use a honey wax for the body and face and a milk chocolate wax for highly sensitive facial skin.

“A great waxing session is all about speed.  Our goal is for students to become swift and efficient.”
If you’re new to the waxing world, you’ll soon become addicted! ”Up There to Down There, we wax it ALL!”

The School is conveniently located near Speer Blvd, East of I-25.

1221 Galapago St, Denver, CO 80204

You’ll receive great service at deeply reduced prices. Your first waxing is FREE!

Your Waxing Appointment

Pick one (or more) of  the body areas to be waxed.

Schedule your appointment online.

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to your appointment

Waxing Procedure

  • A gel is applied for good wax adhesion
  • An aromatic oil is rubbed in to protect the skin
  • Warm wax is applied to the chosen area(s) to remove hair
  • Wax is quickly removed to reveal hair-free skin
  • Skin redness lasts only a few hours
  • Plan to spend about 30 to 60 minutes at your appointment
  • Enjoy our student clinic prices and save!

Make your appointment today!

Waxing Services

Lip       (15 minutes)  $4.00
Brow   (30 minutes   $6.00
Chin   (15 minutes)  $4.00
Sideburns     (15 minutes ) $4.00
Full Face       (45 minutes)  $14.00
Full Leg         (60 minutes)  $20.00
Half Leg         (30 minutes) $10.00
Full Arm         (60 minutes)  $15.00
Half Arm        (30 minutes)  $8.00
Underarms    (30 minutes)  $10.00
Bikini Area    (30  minutes) $10.00
Back   (60 minutes)  $25.00
Chest (60 minutes)  $20.00

For any questions please call The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics: 303-623-3121

P.S. Check out our additional student clinic services including Facials, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels.

Sister Steps Walk – 5k Charity Walk

Sister Steps walkSister Steps Walk – 5k Charity Walk is coming to Littleton CO. The walk benefits Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation.

Sister Steps Walk —Why we walk —to help find a cure!

The Walk is for all ages and walk day festivities include Balloon Pop, music, food and great prizes.


September 21st 2013
At 1 pm


Clement Park

7306 W. Bowles Ave.
Littleton, CO 80123

Entrance Fees:
Adults $30
Kids $20


Granulosa research foundation

Our  Sponsors

Road ID
Acacia Studios
Performance Coaching

For more information and to sign up visit WWW.SISTERSTEPSWALK.ORG

Become a 2013 Sister Steps Walk Sponsor

Sister Steps Walk —Why we walk —to help find a cure!

Several articles have stated that 50% – 80% of women with recurrent Granulosa Cell Tumor of the ovary (GCT) will die from the disease, just as the Founder of  Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation  Sladjana (Sofi) Crosley, did. That is why we need research on GCT and why we have established the “Sladjana M. Crosley Fund for GCT Research”.  Sister Steps Walk is a  5K  event to raise awareness and much needed money for continued research done by the Granulosa Cell Tumor Research Foundation and the recipients of their grants. This is a rare disease and more research is needed for new methods of treatment and a hope for a cure. Granulosa cell tumor of the ovary is an uncommon tumor of low malignant potential (LMP) and many articles add that GCT has a “low rate of recurrence”.  Often this is presented as a comforting factor, implying that you do not have to worry that much about recurrence or dying of the disease. Which we know just isn’t true. It s also known, however, that “Low-grade ovarian cancers and LMP  tumors generally resist conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy”,  This is not always a “benign” dis ease and can recur at any point over your lifetime, even up to 35 years after a diagnosis.

Sponsorship opportunities: Range from $100 to $3,000

Why Should Your Company Participate?

  • Generous corporate sponsorship can make a huge impact in our research.  Medical discoveries don’t happen without research, and research doesn’t happen without funding.   Support of Granulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation and its mission does actually make a difference in the lives of women who have this type of cancer.
  • We offer a  range of sponsorship levels that will meet your company’s goals for visibility and community involvement.
  • Achieve positive exposure of your company through the event’s promotions, marketing, and social media.

What Is A Spec Home?

Building a brand new home involves thinking of every little detail of the plan and design of the house since you are building it from scratch. Once you make a decision, you have to wait for quite a while to see your vision come to life as your house is being built. This is the reason why purchasing a spec home is highly recommended.

A spec home is a house which is built on a speculative basis – meaning that the builder speculates the features of a home that has the potential to attract most buyers and build homes based on that assumption. Buyers usually have the opportunity to select details from a number of options that the buyer provides, for example, there could be four types of floor plans available. By limiting the number of materials and blueprints used, and by using a standard home design, builders are able to make spec homes more quickly and at a smaller cost than a custom-made home. This makes spec homes more affordable to buyers, giving more people the opportunity to buy brand new homes.

The advantages of spec homes are clear when comparing how both spec homes and custom-made homes are made. It is an attractive option for those who would like to buy a new home, but do not want to have to make meticulous designs over every single detail. You are presented with several choices on things like floor plans and house color, and all you must do is select one; whereas if you built your own house, you must determine these things (and more) yourself.

You may find yourself having to do additional research about the quality of the different materials that you can use whereas with a spec home, the options available are assumed to be of good quality or else the builder wouldn’t offer it as an option.  Secondly, since spec homes are based on a standard model, the houses are built faster because the builder is familiar with the blueprint. Additionally, having a standard model makes it easier for contractors to work on the house when it requires repairs as it is easier for them to see where things like electrical and plumbing are located.

Moreover, since spec homes are built faster and with a limited amount of materials, they are less costly to build. These costs are then passed on and used to attract buyers, attractive for those who would like to buy a new home but would not be able to afford one that’s custom-made. Finally, the faster construction time means a home buyer will be able to move in sooner than if he or she builds a custom-made home.

For those who do not have the excess time and money to build a custom-made home, going for spec homes is a great way to own a brand-new home without having to wait a long time and make meticulous decisions.

Crystal Tost

About the Author:

Crystal Tost is a Calgary based residential real estate professional, view MLS Calgary.

Licensed Massage Therapist Winter Program Starts Jan. 2013

If you have considered a career as a massage therapist, now is the time to embark on a path that will be deeply rewarding for both you and the many people who will benefit from this healing modality.  Denver Integrative Massage School will be offering their signature 600 hour Certified Massage Therapist program beginning January 12th.  The reason this program is so unique is that it combines the best of Western massage therapy techniques with the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage, often referred to Lazy Man’s Yoga.

This program is divided between 300 hours of In-Class training, 150 hours of e-learning, and 150 hours of Practicum.  The e-learning option adds a special component in that anatomy, physiology and kinesiology courses can be taken from the comfort of your home at your own pace and in your own time.

Students have two options to complete their practicum.  One is to complete hours in Denver Integrative Massage School’s Community clinic.  Students are able to work alongside their peers with guidance from Licensed Massage Therapists.  Another option is to complete all of your practicum with a Licensed Massage Therapist in a one-on-one mentorship/internship.

Upon completion of this massage therapy program you will feel prepared to take the state exams to become licensed in the state of Colorado.  Most importantly, because you will learn Thai Yoga Massage techniques you will be offering a unique mode of healing and will find that it makes your skills as a healer more diverse.

Rifle Wildfire Still Burning

According to fire investigators, while the precise cause of the Rifle wildfire that is burning across 991 acres was the result of man.

Wednesday, the Rifle fire department received a call at about 1:30 pm reporting the fire that began next to Highway 13, which is still open.  With the west wind strong, the fire quickly grew.  Due to the ruggedness of the terrain the use of where manpower can be used is limiting.  The east and southeast sides of the fire via helicopter and firefighters are fighting to hold the fire back from burning onto Grand Hogbakc’s east slope.

As of Friday, fire fighters had the fire sixty percent contained.

Westminster Girl Missing

Jessica Ridgeway was reported missing Friday morning.  While Jessica’s whereabouts are unknown, she was last seen in the vicinity of 107th Avenue and Moore Street.  Jessica disappeared while walking the route to school at 8:30 am in the morning.

Westminster Police are asking for all residents and anyone with information to please contact them with any details.

Rocky Mountain Region’s Great Ski Areas

After a long, hot summer, Denver ski resorts have started the snow making machines.  Our great Rocky Mountain State is one of the most popular ski destinations among the great US. Nationally, Colorado State takes the number six position in its number of ski areas.  With that said, let’s look at the great ski areas that are located not too far from Denver (each is 70 miles or less) that we’ll be enjoying this season.

Echo Mountain

Of all the ski resorts in Colorado State, Echo Mountain is the closest to Denver, and located in Idaho Springs.  The resort is one of two Colorado ski resorts that offers nighttime skiing.  The resort’s  vertical drop is 660 feet and its elevation is 10,500 feet.  Skiers enjoy 15 trails and three lifts.  Annual snowfall is 250 inches.  The resort will be open in middle of December and remain open ‘til the later part of April or early May.

Winter Park

Winter Park is a major ski area and which is located on the west side of Berthoud Pass and the closet to Denver.   Winter Park is popular among intermediates and beginners and offers nicely manicured trails.  Winter Park features 3,060 acres of skiing and 143 trails. The resort’s elevation is 9,000 feet.  Winter Park will likely open in mid-November and remain open ‘til mid-April.


Loveland is located at Loveland Pass and a popular locals resort.  The top lift terrain is 12,700 feet  and its base elevation of the resort is 10,800 feet.  The resort spans over 1,570 acres.  The resort features 10 lifts and 93 trails with a vertical drop of 2,210 feet.  Annual snowfall average is 400 inches. The resort will open in early October and remain open ‘til mid-May.

What to Look for in a Denver Gym

With the end of summer here, it’s not difficult to have that ho-hum feeling.  Whether you’re feeling a bit sluggish or just need a bit of motivation, there’s no better way to end the blues than a good workout at the gym.  For those that have yet to join one of Denver’s outstanding gyms, we have a bit of advice in how to select the best gym for your needs.  Following is a list of the most important things when joining a Denver gym.

  1. Location and convenience.  When you shop for a gym to join, you definitely want to choose one that is convenient.  If you choose one across town, then you’ll likely have less motivation getting in the car and traveling to the gym, especially after a long tiring day.  You’ll also want a gym that is open during the hours that you will be using it. Consider when you’re likely to work out, and make certain it is accommodating to your hours.
  2. Membership and budget.  Each gym is different and you’ll want to go with a gym that offers the equipment and classes that you’d like to use and engage in, as well as one that is affordable to your budget.  Check out its policy which includes its cancellation policy to ensure that you won’t be stuck with a monthly payment for years to come if you decide to quit.
  3. Before you join, get to know the staff.  The staff should be friendly, personal trainers should be available, and there should be plenty of fitness staff ready and willing to assist you with questions regarding the facility and equipment usage. Ask about the staff’s experience and training, and make sure that they are knowledgeable and qualified.

Denver has many outstanding gyms which include:

  • Cherry Creek Athletic Club
  • Bally Total Fitness
  • Pura Vida Fitness and Spa
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Healthy Woman Fitness
  • Kinetic Fitness Studio
  • Pilates of Cherry Creek
  • Formula Fitness Training Studios