Alamo Placita Real Estate

Alamo Placita real estate is some of Denver’s most interesting and beautiful real estate. Here, you’ll find a plethora of architectural styles, as well as some of the most wonderful and enjoyable gardens in the greater Denver area.

When it comes to architecture, Alamo Placita homes are truly a diverse community. Here you can find just about anything, from Mediterranean Revival architecture to Queen Anne styles.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Alamo Placita is the gardens. The formal flower gardens located in Alamo Placita are some of the top gardens in all of Denver, and have been recognized many times as natural resources for the greater Denver area.

The natural beauty of this neighborhood doesn’t stop with the gardens, however. Two specific areas, including Speer Boulevard and Alamo Placita Park were placed in the National Register of Historic places. In addition, these two locations were designated in 1986 to be official Denver Landmarks.

Alamo Placita offers its residents the charming past of the neighborhood, in addition to the amenities that come with modern urban life. The neighborhood is located in a strategic location near the Speer Boulevard restaurant ara, as well as the 6th Avenue shopping district. In addition, Alamo Placita offers quick and easy access to the downtown Denver area, as well.

Many of the homes in Alamo Placita are today going through the renovation process, which will help the neighborhood to remain interesting and relevant well into the future. The homes in Alamo Placita are modestly priced, with many in the $400,000 range.