Belcaro Real Estate

Named for the beautiful country estate and magnificent Georgian mansion built by U.S. Senator Lawrence C. Phipps in the 1930’s, Belcaro real estate offers many stately and elegant housing options. This is a tranquil upscale neighborhood, bordered by Exposition Avenue, Colorado Boulevard, Tennessee Avenue, and Steele Street in Denver. Conveniently located just south of Cherry Creek, Belcaro residents enjoy convenient access to I-25 from the Colorado Boulevard corridor.

Belcaro real estate is popular, and demand for property here is consistent. Ranch-style homes and traditional dwellings full of historical character are just two of many styles available in the Belcaro real estate market. Belcaro is a neighborhood where a good deal of upscale construction is taking place, and newer two-story homes with full amenities are slowly replacing more traditional homes.

Today, the Belcaro neighborhood, encircling the Phipps Mansion, is home to many elegant, expansive, still mostly ranch-style homes, with large, pristine, well-manicured lawns. Centrally located near Cherry Creek, between Bonnie Brae and Colorado Boulevard, and next to Polo Club owners of Belcaro real estate take full advantage of the characteristic charm and goodwill known to be extended by local residents and business operators.