Bonnie Brae Real Estate

Bonnie Brae means “pleasant hill” in Gaelic, and there are few hills in Denver that are as pleasant as this neighborhood. Bonnie Brae was developed in the roaring 20s, and was originally conceived of by George W. Olinger. Olinger was a prominent businessman in Denver at the time, and he based his ideas for Bonnie Brae on a subdivision of the same name in Kansas City.

Bonnie Brae is located between Mississippi Avenue and Exposition Avenue, and between Steele Street and University Boulevard. Bonnie Brae once belonged to South Denver, and is one of many smaller communities to be annexed by Denver over the years.

If you’re tired of the busy shopping of Cherry Creek, Bonnie Brae’s business district has something to offer. This area is home to many of the most quaint businesses and restaurants in all of Denver, such as The Papery and the Saucy Noodle.

You will find many home types among Bonnie Brae real estate. There are Cape Cods, English Tudors as well as brick ranch style homes. Many of the homes are historic and stately. As is the case with many of the older neighborhoods in the metro Denver area, many of the oldest homes have been renovated or replaced with newer homes with a more modern feel and floor plans. Home prices start at around $300,000, and you can find a few select estates with a price of $2,000,000 or more in Bonnie Brae.