Cory-Merrill Real Estate

The upscale real estate in Cory-Merrill features the perfect blend of urban life and neighborhood feeling. The quality of life is elevated in Cory-Merrill homes, and residents often consider it the ideal neighborhood. There are plenty of recreational activities, lots of scenery and quality, highly-desired amenities. In the list of upscale neighborhoods in the greater Denver area, the community of Cory-Merrill continually ranks right up near the top of the list.

One of the obvious and outstanding features of Cory-Merrill real estate is the number of oversized lots. From Brick Tudors to new two stories, you’ll find a good number of remodeled homes in this area. These remodeled homes offer an increase in square footage on the same footprint they previously had. In addition, you can find lots where older, smaller homes are being replaced by newer, larger homes. Cory-Merrill offers luxury living located right near the heart of Denver.

Located south of Bonnie Brae between Mississippi, I-25, Marion and Colorado Boulevard, Cory-Merrill homes offer residents plenty of amenities. There are numerous shopping opportunities. I-25 provides ready access to the rest of the city. In addition, the Colorado Boulevard corridor offers plenty of additional services. Washington Park is nearby, and offers residents a respite from the hectic pace so common in today’s modern life. Cory-Merrill boasts of tree-lined streets, churches on the corners, and even its own local library.

The average home price in Cory-Merrill is around $370,000. Expect to pay right around $210 on average for a home in this upscale neighborhood.