Hilltop Real Estate

Hilltop is one of Denver’s most prestigious residential neighborhoods. This a beautiful tree- filled area, southeast of Downtown Denver, extends from Colorado Boulevard on the west, to Holly Street on the east, and from Eighth Avenue south, to Alameda.

About a square mile in size, it is the highest point in east Denver, and classic Rocky Mountain views are protected here by law. Residents enjoy easy access to shopping in the nearby Cherry Creek shopping district, the new Lowry Town center, Downtown Denver, and a wide range of services and amenities in neighboring communities.

Many of the homes in the Hilltop real estate are structures with historical, or architectural significance, not the least of which is the historic Cranmer Mansion. As a result, there has been a consistent effort to preserve more of these properties, thereby protecting the heritage and unique character of Hilltop.

The grassy median that runs the length of 6th Avenue, between Colorado Boulevard and Quebec Street has long been a popular place for everyone to walk, bike, and enjoy the wonder of stately mansions that line the streets here.