Polo Club Real Estate

If you want to know how the homes in Polo Club, Colorado came to be, you need to look back through the lens of history. Around the turn of the twentieth century, four young millionaires decided to purchase 160 acres of land south of Downtown Denver. The land was to be home to their polo matches. From these prestigious beginnings, the community of Polo Club was born.

It wasn’t until 1958, however, that there were homes first built in this community. In 1958, 34 acres were set aside and made into the Polo Club Place Subdivision. Within twenty years, the club stables were replaced with condos and custom built homes, and the finest families in Denver began to relocated to Polo Club real estate. While the polo ponies may not be here any longer, the memory of the privileged and prestigious beginnings of the community remain.

The real estate in Polo Club is part of the premiere community in Denver. Here you’ll find lots sizing more than two acres, with sprawling Italian Villa-styled homes dotting the landscape. Art collections and limestone are the norm in Polo Club.

This isn’t just the premier upscale neighborhood in Denver, however. Polo Club homes are also convenient. The neighborhood is bordered by Exposition Avenue on the North, Mississippi on the South, Colorado Boulevard on the East, and University on the West. It is both exclusive and secluded, making for a higher quality of life. It’s close to both Cherry Creek and Downtown, making Polo Club real estate one of the most convenient neighborhoods in Denver, as well.