Facial & Body Waxing in Denver

The School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics in Denver is pleased to offer a student clinic with waxing services for men and women, including facial and body waxing. The students use a honey wax for the body and face and a milk chocolate wax for highly sensitive facial skin.

“A great waxing session is all about speed.  Our goal is for students to become swift and efficient.”
If you’re new to the waxing world, you’ll soon become addicted! ”Up There to Down There, we wax it ALL!”

The School is conveniently located near Speer Blvd, East of I-25.

1221 Galapago St, Denver, CO 80204

You’ll receive great service at deeply reduced prices. Your first waxing is FREE!

Your Waxing Appointment

Pick one (or more) of  the body areas to be waxed.

Schedule your appointment online.

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes to your appointment

Waxing Procedure

  • A gel is applied for good wax adhesion
  • An aromatic oil is rubbed in to protect the skin
  • Warm wax is applied to the chosen area(s) to remove hair
  • Wax is quickly removed to reveal hair-free skin
  • Skin redness lasts only a few hours
  • Plan to spend about 30 to 60 minutes at your appointment
  • Enjoy our student clinic prices and save!

Make your appointment today!

Waxing Services

Lip       (15 minutes)  $4.00
Brow   (30 minutes   $6.00
Chin   (15 minutes)  $4.00
Sideburns     (15 minutes ) $4.00
Full Face       (45 minutes)  $14.00
Full Leg         (60 minutes)  $20.00
Half Leg         (30 minutes) $10.00
Full Arm         (60 minutes)  $15.00
Half Arm        (30 minutes)  $8.00
Underarms    (30 minutes)  $10.00
Bikini Area    (30  minutes) $10.00
Back   (60 minutes)  $25.00
Chest (60 minutes)  $20.00

For any questions please call The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics: 303-623-3121

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