Licensed Massage Therapist Winter Program Starts Jan. 2013

If you have considered a career as a massage therapist, now is the time to embark on a path that will be deeply rewarding for both you and the many people who will benefit from this healing modality.  Denver Integrative Massage School will be offering their signature 600 hour Certified Massage Therapist program beginning January 12th.  The reason this program is so unique is that it combines the best of Western massage therapy techniques with the ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage, often referred to Lazy Man’s Yoga.

This program is divided between 300 hours of In-Class training, 150 hours of e-learning, and 150 hours of Practicum.  The e-learning option adds a special component in that anatomy, physiology and kinesiology courses can be taken from the comfort of your home at your own pace and in your own time.

Students have two options to complete their practicum.  One is to complete hours in Denver Integrative Massage School’s Community clinic.  Students are able to work alongside their peers with guidance from Licensed Massage Therapists.  Another option is to complete all of your practicum with a Licensed Massage Therapist in a one-on-one mentorship/internship.

Upon completion of this massage therapy program you will feel prepared to take the state exams to become licensed in the state of Colorado.  Most importantly, because you will learn Thai Yoga Massage techniques you will be offering a unique mode of healing and will find that it makes your skills as a healer more diverse.