Living the Colorado Lifestyle

Colorado has long been a mecca for ski enthusiasts, naturalists, and even photographers seeking out great shots of the state’s staggering natural beauty. But with Denver’s rise as one of the nation’s most business- and career-friendly cities, Colorado is rapidly becoming known as a cosmopolitan destination for some of the most sophisticated world-travelers and choosiest relocators. Defining luxury as a hearty helping of the best of what life has to offer, it becomes clear that with its active lifestyle, outdoor-oriented culture, and dynamic urban environment, Denver is rapidly becoming a top-shelf choice for residents and vacationers alike.

A taste of sophistication. While New York City and San Francisco may continue to rake in the kudos for their heady foodie choices, Colorado as a whole can claim 40 restaurants in the 2011 version of the famous Zagat national restaurant guide, which focuses only on the cream of the culinary crop. Denver proper is home to 27 of those restaurants, including top-ranked Colorado restaurant Fruition. From “sophisticated comfort food” to sushi, cultural kitsch to classic Italian, Denver offers exceptional fare for even the most jaded of palettes.

A walk on the wild side. What makes Denver unique, of course, is its presence as a bastion of civilization on the edge of the stunning Rocky Mountain Range. With easy access to a number of world-class state and regional parks, Denver residents are able to escape into the wilderness for a day of natural rigor, with enough time to shower and dress for an evening on the town. Boating, hiking, riding, camping, rock climbing, and biking are just some of the activities Colorado residents can luxuriate in—not to mention the premier skiing that’s available throughout the winter months.

A smart career move. Colorado’s business-friendly environment means that businesses are starting and relocating in this state, and Denver is one of their favorite outposts. Denver’s unemployment has consistently remained below the national average, and workers flock to the city to enjoy solid job prospects, lower cost of living, and a sky-high quality of life. Industries from tech to tourism are thriving in Denver, and the prognosis is for solid, consistent growth.

A place to call home. As if great job prospects, a stellar city culture, and exceptional quality of life weren’t enough, the Denver area has seen excellent stabilization in the housing markets, with housing prices as whole on the rise. Popular neighborhoods like Cherry Hills Village have seen median sales prices climb nearly 30 percent from 2010 to 2011, suggesting that the time is ripe to jump into a luxury home in one of Denver’s finest areas.

Truly, Denver is a one-of-a-kind town, and it is clear that all people—whether seeking a job, looking to buy a new home in a world-class city, or just seeking a lifestyle more in touch with the wonders of nature—will find in Denver exactly what they’re searching for.

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