As One Restaurant Closes, Another Opens in Cherry Creek

Yesterday, the Mexican cantina known as Tambien closed its door in Cherry Creek. Although the restaurant plans to reopen later in an undetermined location, the owners of the restaurant feel Cherry Creek simply isn’t a good fit for the restaurant.

“We want to protect and maintain the brand, but this is a young, hip, loud restaurant that will do well in a young, hip neighborhood, so we’re looking around to find a space that’s more appropriate for that kind of vibe,” said Jesse Morreale, who is one of the owners of the restaurant.

With the Cherry Creek lease expiring, Morreale and co-owner Sean Yontz decided to close the restaurant’s doors rather than signing a new one. The Tambien’s employees don’t have to worry about being out of a job, however, as all of the employees have been offered positions at other restaurants owned by Morreale, including Sketch, El Diabo, La Rumba and Rockbar.

Even as one restaurant closes its doors, another one is opening in Cherry Creek. In fact, the downstairs space located at 2710 East Third Avenue that was once home to Plush will soon become Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro & Sushi. Located next door to Argyll, the new restaurant will officially open in the middle of November. If all goes well at the liquor-license hearing, which will be held at 1:30 p.m. on October 7, the new restaurant will also be serving liquor along with its Asian cuisine. So, while some residents may be sorry to see Tambien leave the neighborhood, the opening of Sweet Ginger Asian Bistro & Sushi gives them something to look forward to.