The Art of Shaving

Before it became an art, there was a history to shaving that would take us back into the Stone Age.

Early man had discovered several ways to remove hairs from his face, but most widely known is that he simply plucked them out using two seashells as tweezers. In fact, tweezers have taken their place in history as the most popular grooming tool ever invented. Used by both “civilized” and uncivilized men to painfully remove body and facial hair. More recently shaving had become one of those glorious male traditions, to be passed down from father to son. But somewhere along the line, shaving became just another mindless morning exercise in Stone Age dignity. But things have changed.

Tucked away on the second level of the Cherry Creek Mall is the “The Art of Shaving”. Developed in 1995, it’s a classic tale of boy meets girl, and both quickly step to the forefront of what would become a revolution in Men’s Grooming. You can read their story here.

Located in the Cherry Creek Mall, at 3000 East First Ave. in Denver, “The Art of Shaving” combines traditional barber services with 21st century aromatherapy solutions and skin treatments. The shops themselves represent as the classic barber-shop, but with service and products that bring together the luxury and care a man used to expect from his favorite barber.  Expertly trained technicians use quality botanical ingredients and pure essential oils to raise shaving to an art, once again.

Now the line between looking your very best, and insufferable vanity is of course razor-thin.  And so, if during their famous Royal Shave, or as the scented lotions are gently massaged into your temples, you start feeling a little too precious,  just think of seashells, and maybe ask for another beer.

Banner photo by pbo31, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.