Escaping The Heat in Cherry Creek!

Summer’s here and it’s hot!  For Cherry Creek residents that would like to escape from the heat, there are a few great outlets within the community, and following are some great idea for any day of the week.

Cherry Creek State Park is great for water recreation and Denver’s backyard playground!  The park is anchored around 880 surface acre reservoir and is natural beauty that is stellar offering picnicking, camping and facilities for group events.

Kids will love the park activities as they can participate in horseback riding and model airplane flying.  There is also a family shooting range available, as well!  The backyard wonderland is a great place to take off for the weekend and relax along the shores, or in the waters, and the summer activities definitely won’t be a disappointment.

Other great venues include:

  • Serenity on St. Paul Day Spa- an excellent way to escape from the summer heat and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul!
  • West Southwest Gallery- wonderful for the art lover.
  • Pismo Gallery- an excellent tourist attraction.