Lee Palmer Everding ~ Denver Eclectics

Lee Palmer Everding is the Founder and Director of Denver Eclectics. Thirty years ago, as part of her Junior League work Lee started a book club for twenty women. They met for two years once a month discussing Kubler Ross’s Death and Dying and Gail Sheehey’s Passages. Because of women’s interest and Lee’s tireless entrepreneurial ability and curiosity, Denver Eclectics has grown to five hundred plus members with over thirty-two programs a year. Presenters with local, state, national and international reputation have graced Eclectics’ programs. Although Lee elicits feedback from Eclectics members, she alone creates and directs the yearly programs. Also, while members are charged a modest fee, she subsidizes the programs from her own personal resources. Anyone who expresses a desire to join but cannot afford the membership fee is accommodated until the membership reaches its ceiling of about 500 members. A copy of the latest 2008 – 2009 Agenda’s are attached. Beginning in 2006 thru 2008, twelve of the Eclectics’ programs were taped and then broadcast on KBDI, Channel 12 so that it contributed to an even wider audience in Colorado and beyond and is still re-run because of the lasting content of the programs. The impact of Denver Eclectics is now broader than its original Junior League beginnings and has become one of Denver’s educational and cultural institutions.

Lee’s pioneering spirit and energy provides a role model of women’s leadership capabilities for enhancing the status and role of women.  Through her background in social work, she has established a long track history of strengthening organizations that positively impact the lives of people at all levels and from all backgrounds.  She is the Founder and Director of Denver Eclectics, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Community Leader.

Her dedication to giving women an opportunity to network, learn and share through Denver Eclectic’s is reflected in its mission:
“Eclectics is…a group of bright, interesting and diverse women learning through programs, field trips and life enhancing events. Our goal is to challenge, to have fun and to share with one another. Agreement on issues is not expected, but our tradition of listening and having a civil dialogue and respect for all will be our focus. We also encourage networking so other community opportunities will be available to anyone who is interested.”

Lee’s leadership as founder and director of Denver Eclectics has helped to enlighten women on timely, spiritual, economic, social and cultural issues.  This program has grown from a small group meeting in homes to over 400 plus women who come together to dialogue about the hot topics and issues of the day and spanned over 3 decades. The programs help point women to ways in which they can help make meaningful contributions to the lives of others.  Each program becomes a call to action and with Lee’s leadership, monies and volunteer commitments flow to support nonprofits, political causes, and community activities across Colorado and the nation.

We welcome you to join us in honoring Denver philanthropist and Denver Eclectics Founder, Lee Palmer Everding (and Cherry Creek resident!). Click here for more information.