Giant Green Snake Spotted in Cherry Creek North

While the promotion of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science called Lizards & Snakes had a few residents a bit uneasy as they witnessed boa constrictors scattered among the tree branches of Cherry Creek North- it was just a stunt to let everyone know about the new exhibit that is on display till July 8th, the spotting of the giant green tree snake was a bit more real!

Residents report spotting a giant green tree snake, as the local constable reports a few small dogs have gone missing.  They advised that parents should watch their small children.

As for the big boas, they are just hanging about the branches to remind residents to check out over 60 different species of live snakes and lizards from all around the world!  Residents even have a chance to hold the snakes in real life.  If lifting a life size anaconda is not your thing, there’s plenty of lizards and snakes behind the glass.  The exhibit is definitely worth a visit and one that the kids will love!