How to Become a Successful Denver Real Estate Agent

There’s much more to becoming a real estate agent than passing the real estate license exam.  The job requires that you know the market and help your clients to navigate it.  Your people skills must be optimal, your organization grand, and you perseverance unbreakable!

  1. Determine what your goals are as a successful real estate agent.  Set your goals.  If you want to earn $200K a year and your average sale yields $10K then you need to work towards 20 transactions a year.
  2. Learn to sale!  You don’t want to be the shady salesman, but, you do want to be the respected, leader in the niche.  Take classes from the National Association of Realtors, your local real estate associations, and your company’s training program.
  3. Become the specialist in your area.  Know the national trends and how they affect your market.  Know the region.  Track properties and know everything there is to know about the area.  Analyze all data and be the master in your niche.
  4. Let everyone you know, know you are a real estate agent, and provide them with cards to forward to friends and family who may be looking for an agent.
  5. Organize yourself and your work hours.  You will need to be precise with strict schedule to achieve everything you need to achieve.  Don’t waste time. Show properties early in the day, and leave your paperwork for later in the day or evening.
  6. Take advantage of technology.  More and more homeowners first turn to the Internet to do their home shopping.  Set up a company website and profile and let it work in your favor.

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