Passport to Israel – Cooking Demonstration June 27th

This coming June 27th celebrates Passport to Israel-Cooking Demonstration in honor of Jewish seniors.

The event, which is a collaboration spearheaded by JFS and several nonprofits and synagogues in Denver, will feature conversation, celebration and education.

The cooking demonstration is sponsored by Morrison Food Service and offers hands on participation on how to make an Israeli meal which includes chicken, couscous, salads, falafel and more.   Guests are asked for a $5 donation and transportation will be provided from Temple Emanuel, the JCC, and the Allied Jewish Apartments for $3 roundtrip.

Israel’s culinary traditions comprise cooking methods and foods that date back over three thousand years of history.  Foods of ancient Israelites were based on several products that still play a significant role in the modern cuisine of today.  These foods were known as the seven species:  grapes, barley, wheat, pomegranates, dates, figs and olives.

While Israel does not have a universally recognized nation dish, many considered falafel as the national dish.  Israel cuisine includes salads and appetizers, soups and dumplings, dairy products, egg dishes, fruit, baked dishes, cookies, pastries, breads and sandwiches, confections, snack foods and sweets, condiments and sauces, and drinks, which include beer and wine.

Now, Cherry Creek and Denver residents can get a taste of that age old history cuisine and bring the skill home with them to prepare dishes in their own kitchen.  The celebration of Passport to Israel- Cooking Demonstration held at:

B’nai Havurah

6445 East Ohio Ave.
Denver, CO 80224

For more information call (303) 680-7831.