Priscilla of Boston Prom Dress Project

Helping Provide Prom Dresses to Denver Girls in Need

Priscilla of Boston is selling our 2008 – 2010 special occasion dresses and shoes at a significantly discounted price of $11.50 (plus tax) each, in order to donate them to the Dressed to the Nines Organization.

Whether good or bad, every woman remembers her prom.  She remembers what she did and who she went with, but most of all, she remembers her dress.  Was it brand new, was it a hand-me-down from an older sister or worse, Mom’s old dress?  Regardless, it holds significance throughout the lives of girls and women alike, which is why Priscilla of Boston in Denver is offering fashion forward special occasion dresses dress for next to nothing.  Every girl should have the opportunity to have her very own prom dress that she will love – classic, fun, modern, but most of all, unforgettable.

Priscilla of Boston’s Denver salon found a cause we can support with our merchandise and our hearts:  giving local girls the opportunity to wear a designer gown for prom, who normally would not have the opportunity.  Our goal is to raise $1500. This will purchase our inventory of discontinued special occasion dresses and shoes, for less than $12 each and donate all items to Dressed to the Nines.  Once donated, they will be cleaned and provided to high school girls in need of prom dresses all around Colorado.

Priscilla of Boston is collecting monetary contributions throughout the month of October. A donation as little as $11.50 will help one girl receive a prom gown but donations of $25, $50, $100 and so on, will help many.  Everyone is encouraged to mail checks, call with credit card information, or stop by and make a purchase in person.  We request that checks be made payable to Priscilla of Boston and a driver’s license number, issuing state, and reference to the Prom Dress Project or Dressed to The Nines are included.  Check our site for more details.

Priscilla of Boston, founded in 1945 has grown to become a brand many women recognize.  They know it because Tricia Nixon wore a Priscilla gown, because their mom wore a Priscilla gown, or because they dream of a Priscilla gown for their own wedding.  Now, our Denver location is able to extend the Priscilla tradition to girls who normally would not have the means.  Our Priscilla Prom Dress Project began as the idea of local philanthropist Natalie Rekstad-Lynn and, through her collaboration with Melissa Benavidez Lory, Fashion Director and Christine Medina, Salon Director, it became a reality.  Of course none of this would have been possible if it was not for the Dressed to the Nines Organization or the generosity of the community.

We thank Dressed to the Nines for having a Nonprofit for such a wonderful cause and hope the Priscilla Prom Dress Project, along with your help, can touch the lives of many Colorado High School girls in need of a beautiful gown!