Whole Foods Takes a Turn For Cherry Creek North Residents

We all love Whole Foods, the weekend special, the organic, fresh produce, gluten free baked good and hormone free meats.  But, Whole Foods just went a step further to offer Cherry Creek North residents even a greater taste of life!  The store is now offering nutrition classes and is a new hotspot for eating out.

Each weekend, among the many great specials, shopper now can enjoy a great lunch catered by Whole Foods that is delicious and cheap!   On Saturdays, the menu theme is “Street Food” with tasty menu items like curried funnel cake and pork belly sliders.  YUMMM!  The treat gets better, as there is nothing on the menu priced above $4.  This new summer fun activity is to celebrate the spirit of summer, and continue the tradition of nutritious eating.  On Sundays, the menu them is “Grilling” with the menu items including a grilled ancho glazed pineapple salad and a Father’s day steak sandwich.  The menu is fantastic and a great place to pick up a nutritional lunch for the entire family.

During the month of June, Whole Foods will be offering eight different classes that range in topics from Guoda-polloza cheese class to eating organic.  Cherry Creek residents are now offered much more from our local market, as they now are the place for organic foods, nutrition education and fine cuisine!  Discover the new delights for yourself!

Follow Whole Foods on Twitter @WholeFoods where the fun gets even better as you get great tips for more summer fun and savings.