Denver Is 5th Most City Friendly For Young Entrepreneurs … Kinda

The good news?   Denver ranked 5th in the most friendly cities for young entrepreneurs in the United States. The bad news? A need to reveal that this wasn’t the most “systematic” of studies. One may call the metrics used a little “casual”. The group conducting the poll, Under30CEO, which is an online resource for young entrepreneurs, failed to provide a lot of information about its polling parameters.

Why Denver ranked #5 – Must Be The Starbucks

Among the items that the voters were asked to consider were climate, the social scene, schools, local events and “other resources”. By “other resources” I assume they mean Starbucks? I know for fact that there are more than a couple in the Cherry Creek Mall 🙂

Denver & The Rest of The Top 10

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. Austin
4. Boston
5. Denver
6. Chicago
7. San Diego
8. Portland, Ore
9. Washington DC
10. Seattle

Historic Downtown Denver Clocktower All kidding aside, in my opinion this list seems strangely “accurate” from an anecdotal and “experimental” lens.

Example from the experimental angle: “Connectivity” is one of the foundations of any new enterprise across almost any industry – more so every day in our “web 5.0” culture.  Denver’s consistent annual accolades as one of the “wifi Cities USA” (#7 in 2010; #8 in 2009 per Forbes) is just one way to justify Denver’s ability to more than kindly accommodate the young entrepreneur.  Maybe there was something to the Starbucks!

I’d argue that the addition of a commonly used “cost of living” metric would’ve placed Denver right behind Austin.

Why Denver’s Rank May Be Conventionally “So Wrong”, But Feel & BE So Right

The fun with these lists is they’re inherently flawed.  Some do better than others, but you can always pick them apart…and in many cases, you should. Even the most highly respected indices — S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices for example –need to be challenged. As an active writer (I use that term loosely!) and Realtor in DC, I’ve had many opportunities to challenge “prestige housing indices” — as they forget that real estate is most responsibly studied on hyper local levels…but that’s another post!

Sometimes it’s refreshing to take a look at “flawed” city reports because they often show that the high priced “wonks” in the large research firms are crunching big numbers to make news when all they have to do is ask a few people on the street. In this case, there’s a beauty in a more than imperfect simplicity because, in my opinion, it reflected the reality — metrics, or not :-). In this sense, I’d say the young lads over at Under30CEO did okay.

So cheers to you, Denver!


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